Top 3 Causes of Kids Snoring

It may be a very challenging task to have a sound sleep besides your partner who grumbles every night. And now you hear those cacophonic noises from your angelic toddler’s room. They might sound cute, but if your child is accustomed to produce such rasping noises every time he goes to bed, consult a doctor because there might be underlying problems sooner or later.

It may be hard to believe, but researchers say that habitual snoring affects about 12% children who are under 9 years of age. Find out what could be the reason behind those raucous noises from the list below:

  1. Mouth Anatomy: When the child snores, it is an indication that there is an upper airway resistance. When a child is sleeping the muscles relax, which makes the airway narrow. This results in snoring as the same amount of air should pass through the airway which is smaller. Though, there are few children who congenitally have extremely narrow windpipes and throats. These congenital conditions cause snoring.
  2. Obesity: It is one of the common causes of the narrow airways in children. Fats form in and around the throat and cause constricted and limited air passage. The stomach fat also causes disruptions in the diaphragm’s functioning that controls breathing.
  3. Adenoids and tonsillitis: Enlarged adenoids and tonsils are one of the common reasons that cause snoring in children and if left untreated, may lead to obstructive sleep apnea. The enlargement or swelling of the adenoids might be caused by cold and in case it is chronically swollen, it can be removed by a small surgery. If your child suffers from tonsillitis it can be cured by decongestants or antibiotics. In case of chronic tonsils, a small surgery is needed for removing it.

If you have figured the reason of the snoring of your kid, it is now time to consult a medical expert as snoring not only disrupts the sleep but also affects the heart and brain. Thus, as a parent, you must address this issue at the earliest.

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