Sleep Disorder makes Pregnancy Term Even Difficult

Pregnancy poses several hardships in a woman’s life. A woman undergoes millions of physical and mental changes right from the first day of pregnancy. Even though most of the problems like nausea, fatigue, constipation and hypertension are well addressed by gynecologists, there is another problem that is equally challenging but gets ignored by one and all. You guessed it right! It is sleep disorder or pregnancy insomnia. What makes the condition even worse is that you are actually not able to sleep even though you are tired. Wondering what the causes are behind it? Some of them are listed below for your convenience:

  1. Changing hormones: Pregnancy insomnia is the result of changing hormone levels. In fact, the excessive daytime sleepiness in the first trimester is the result of high levels of a hormone called progesterone. Some hormones change the working pattern of muscles which results in snoring during pregnancy leading to sleep apnea.
  2. Anxiety and emotions: Pregnancy is a time in which a woman is over brimming with emotions. These emotions include motherhood joy, anxiety about the remaining pregnancy and fears of delivery and labor, the future of the baby to come, maintain work life balance amongst all things. All these things increase the anxiety levels and aggravate insomnia.
  3. Physical discomforts: During the third trimester, there is a very frequent urge of urinating which hampers a sound sleep. Apart from it, the growing belly also causes discomfort and you have to keep changing sides to shift the weight and as a result you end up having sleepless nights.

Even though sleep disorders are considered as a part and parcel of pregnancy, they have a direct impact on some of the problems like low birth weight, preeclampsia and gestational hypertension. So it is highly recommended to consult your gynecologist about your sleep disorders instead of spending away the nights tossing on the bed. In case, your problem is severe, you may also consult a sleep disorder clinic to ensure a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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