How I Was Able to Sleep Better With the Proper Guidance

Better Sleep Cartoon

Getting a good nights sleep was becoming more and more difficult to me. I began to fantasize about the good old days when I slept like a log and woke up feeling rested and ready for the day. It became more and more frustrating to deal with as time went on and I became difficult to be around. My family and friends weren’t enjoying my morning grumpiness at all.

I finally was so fed up that I began looking for help from outside sources. There were articles, studies, and forums abound on the internet that I read. Different theories and different methods were tried all with varying results. I finally decided to visit my local sleep institute and meet with professionals that dealt with people like me on a daily basis.

When I met the doctors at the sleep institute, I was quite skeptical. I really didn’t think they could do much to help me. However, I figured they may be able to at least shine some light on potential reasons for my issue. First, they made me submit to an overnight study in which they would monitor my sleep. This was certainly interesting and surprising. I decided to try it and see just what the professionals would learn and tell me about myself.

I didn’t fall asleep until well after midnight, as I was shifting and tossing constantly. When I woke up, the good doctors gave me their thoughts. They told me that the biggest issue for me seemed to be comfort. They recommended that simply purchasing a new, comfortable mattress would help a lot. Also, the doctors told me about playing light music which soothes my mind and heart would help in resting my mind as well as my body. I wasn’t sure if they were right, but I knew I had to try.

After my visit to the sleep institute, I followed their advice to the letter. I purchased a new mattress that supported my back and body well. I even purchased a music CD that played soothing tunes and blissful sounds. To my surprise, my sleep did improve drastically and so did my moods.

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