My husband Snores: How should I deal with it?

You come back home after a tiresome day and get into bed after winding up the day. The moment you fall asleep, a loud noise startles you and you find it impossible to sleep. Is this creating trouble between you and him? Survey shows, a snoring partner is the second biggest reason for divorce after a cheating partner.

snoring husband

Undoubtedly, it is tough to deal with a snoring husband, but a little careful thought for the man you love and married, would certainly help you sail through this phase. Instead of feeling irritated and helpless, as a supporting partner, you must deal with it patiently and look for probable solutions. Some of the ways to deal with the problem are mentioned below:

  1. Talk to him: Snoring is an unconscious process and there are high chances that he is not even ready to accept that he snores. Sit together and instead of shouting at him of making fun of his snoring, make him understand that snoring is not healthy. Look for the reasons that make him snore and help him to overcome them. Some of the reasons that can be behind his snoring can be:
  • Being overweight: Get him up early in the morning and go for jogging. Help him lose those excess pounds and ensure a better sleep for both of you. Make some quality lifestyle changes including healthy eating habits.
  • Chest congestion: If he is suffering from chest congestion, he will feel difficult to breath and this result in snoring. Seek a doctor’s help to get rid of his chest congestion.
  • Avoid alcohol: Alcohol relaxes muscles all over the body and the relaxed nasal muscles result in snoring. Stay him away from taking any alcohol, especially at night.
  • Sleeping on back: Sleeping on the sides will help him get a better sleep and reduces snoring. So whenever you feel, the snores are getting louder, ask him to shift sides.
  1. Use anti snoring devices: There are a number of anti-snoring devices available in the market right from the traditional ear plugs to nasal strips. While an ear plug will help you get a better sleep a nasal strip will ensure a better sleep for both of you. You can try any one of them according to your convenience.

It is definitely your support that your snoring husband needs. So why not give him a chance and hit a sleep disorder clinic instead of the court for seeking divorce!  See 12 hours of snoring to learn more about snoring.



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