Insomnia Affects The Daytime Functioning And Quality Of Life

Insomnia is a situation wherein the person experiences a persistent difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep. It is associated with impaired daytime functioning and distress. Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder and has a number of negative daytime symptoms and psychiatric disorders. The common consequences of insomnia include:

  1. Daytime sleepiness: Sleep deprivation is a critical factor and a big public safety hazard. Drowsiness slows the reaction time and cause car crash and fatal accidents.
  2. Makes you dumb: Sleep is very important for effective learning and thinking. Lack of sleep hurt the cognitive processes. Firstly, it impairs the attention, concentration, alertness, problem solving and reasoning. This makes it difficult to learn effectively. Secondly, at night the various sleep cycles play an important role in consolidating memories in the mind. If you are sleep deprived, it becomes difficult to remember what you learned and experienced.
  3. Serious health problems: Sleep disorder can put you at risk of major health problems like heart attack and erratic heartbeat. Chronic insomnia leads to high blood pressure and high heart rate which leads to heart failure.
  4. No or less sex drive: Sleep experts say that sleep deprived men and women report less interest in sex and lower libidos. The sleepiness, depleted energy and increased tension are to be blamed for it. For men who suffer from sleep apnea, a respiratory problem that interferes with the sleep, and further adds to the sexual slump. Also, men with sleep apnea have low testosterone levels.

The other problems associated with insomnia that hinders the quality of life are depressed mood, fatigue, impaired cognition, lack of energy and increased irritability. All these together affect your performance and behavior with the people around you. So, the best way to live a normal lifestyle is by treating insomnia as soon as possible by trying a couple of home remedies and professional assistance.

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