Different Types Of Treatments And Services Assured By Sleep Disorder Clinic

Are you frustrated most of the times throughout the day? Has your partner complained about your bringing down the house at night with your snoring? Then it is high time that you consult a medical practitioner as it is very critical to get a good night’s sleep for the healthy body and mind. It helps you to function properly, contributes to your health and promotes restorative functioning such as facial skin cell rejuvenation.

If your ability to sleep is affected by prolonged snoring and want to live a happy and healthy life, then you must consider the following treatments and services offered by sleep disorder clinics:

  1. Sleep program: There are many online interactive programs that benefit individuals who are experiencing insomnia, generally from 1 to 6 months. This is an alternative treatment to take sleep medications. People who have persistent insomnia, for more than six months may also benefit from this program. Individuals in this program will learn the lifestyle and sleep habits that will improve their sleep patterns. A good sleep program includes:
  • 6 weeks of effective sleep therapy
  • A daily sleep score and online sleep log
  • Recommendations for improving sleep on a regular basis
  • Activities that help to induce sleep
  • Personal goal/progress charts
  • Motivational tips
  • 6 unique relaxation practices
  1. PAP Therapy: Positive Airways Pressure testing is often recommended for individuals with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This condition causes the upper airways to collapse during sleep. This prevents air from entering your lungs. The PAP device works by keeping the airways open via air pressure that is introduced, though a nose mask or similar apparatus. The air travels to the throat and into the upper airways. The quantity of air pressure is then measured by the pap machine in the sleep study. Two types of devices may be used in PAP therapy:
  2. CPAP or Continuous Positive Airways Pressure has been the most frequently used PAP devices. The Auto PAP can modify the pressure that is applied in the night to determine the absence or presence of respiratory disorders that are sleep-induced.
  3. Adaptive-Servo Ventilation is a positive airway pressure that constantly monitors a patient’s breathing patterns. A mask delivers air through the mouth or nose.  Both devices can be adjusted to different sizes to match the individual’s needs. The sleep technologist or specialist will do the fitting.
  4. PAP-Naps: This procedure occurs in the daytime and is offered to patients who are hesitant or resistant to undergoing diagnosis and treatment of a sleep-related breathing disorder, the PAP therapy. It involves a group or individual education, close follow up, sleep technician coaching, objective data monitoring and telephone calls. The PAP-Nap is an in-lab, cardio-respiratory, abbreviated recording monitored by a technologist. The goal is to improve a patient’s PAP compliance. Pap-Naps are offered in the setting of PAP therapy to patients who suffer from sleep breathing issues and are co-morbid with other conditions such as panic attacks, insomnia, and anxiety. The procedure may vary from 60 to 180 minutes, during which time the sleep technologist will provide individual counseling and coaching to help the patient overcome barriers to PAP therapy.
  5. Sleep Test: Many sleep disorders like sleep apnea requires an overnight observation in a sleep laboratory. During this sleep testing, electrodes placed on your head will record your brain activity, muscle activity and eye movement. Sensors are also placed on your chest, abdomen and nose monitor breathing patterns. On the night of the test, you will be asked to sleep at your usual bedtime. Individuals who suffer from narcolepsy may have to undergo a multiple sleep-latency test following the overnight sleep test. The sleep test provides a comprehensive and objective evaluation that will help medical professionals with a complete picture of your sleep patterns.

These sleep treatments and services offered at sleep disorder clinic needs to be chosen keeping the personal health and medical condition in consideration.

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