10 signs you are sleep deprived

Almost everyone has a time in their life when they stay up late to finish a report for work or just need a few extra hours in the day to clean the house or conduct late night research online. It’s common for you to easily shave off a few hours of sleep to complete a task. Besides, how else are you going to add hours to your day? While it is ok to occasionally and randomly miss out on a few hours of sleep, making it a daily habit can cause you to become sleep deprived. There are specific signs that will alert you that you are experiencing sleep deprivation.

  • Inability to Handle Stress – Daily life is full of stressful situations big or small. If you are showing signs that you can’t handle small stressful situations without losing your temper there is a chance that this is a sign of sleep deprivation.
  • Poor Memory – Are you becoming forgetful? Not just about what time your favorite show is on, but forgetting important appointment times and days. Or, even forgetting acquaintances names? Chronic poor memory loss can be directly linked with sleep deprivation.
  • Experiencing Clumsiness – It is one thing to stub a toe every now and then, but are you dropping things, bumping into things or experiencing clumsy moments on a daily basis? Chronic clumsiness is frequently caused by lack of sleep.
  • Stressful Relationships – Are your spouse and children running into another room when you arrive home? Are friends avoiding you? It is a possibility that your lack of sleep is causing you to become moody and grouchy, possibly taking your frustrations out on the ones you love.
  • Lack of Concentration – Are you unable to focus on your work or school work? Do you have to read the same sentence a few times just to comprehend it? Lack of concentration or difficulty focusing and understanding a situation or work related information can be caused by sleep deprivation.
  • Increased Appetite – Do you feel like you are hungry more than usual throughout the day and evening? An increased appetite happens when you lack sleep and your body does not have the chance to regulate hormones that affect your appetite, causing you to feel hungry and consume more food than usual.
  • Falling Asleep Immediately – Placing your head on your pillow at night and immediately falling to sleep is a sign that your body is exhausted and needs more sleep.
  • Zoning Out – Suddenly zoning out mid-conversation or in the middle of work or traffic is a dangerous symptom of sleep deprivation. It can cause accidents, errors in your work and cause arguments with others due to your lack of attention.
  • Impulsive Behavior – Making quick decisions based on emotion instead of thinking the topic through can be caused by sleep deprivation. It is possible that you are so tired that you are carelessly making decisions just to get through the day.
  • Sleeping in Public Places – Falling asleep in public places such as a movie theatre or restaurant is a sign that you need to sleep more. This shows that your body is experiencing sleep deprivation and is trying to find time to sleep at any moment you enter a dark, cool environment.

As you can see the sleep deprivation signs can have a negative impact on your day to day life. If left untreated you can truly cause many problems in your life ranging from job loss to an automobile accident. If you are experiencing these symptoms and are noticeably having difficulty sleeping or you are overwhelmed with your daily schedule, it is wise to seek consultation from your doctor.


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